How Green Office Spaces Help People Grow

Written By Jackie Greene

Vice President of Business Development

How Green Office Spaces Help People Grow

Green Office

Crown Pointe’s crowning achievement

What was once a smoking courtyard outside Crown Pointe’s office complex is now a thriving vertical farm. Not only does Copiana’s aeroponic tower installation provide green space for tenants to connect and relax, but each tower also produces more than 75 pounds of produce each year.

Vertical farming is the most efficient, space-saving way to introduce valuable green space to your property. Crown Pointe’s decision to invest in green office spaces is the smartest move today’s commercial property managers can make. Here’s why.

The real-world value of going green

Green space is one of the most requested tenant amenities. Now more than ever, tenants expect a holistic experience from the places they work. According to the World Green Building Council, office complexes that incorporate health and wellness initiatives see fewer sick days, less turnover, and increased productivity.

A strong work community builds better teams and more engaged tenants. For a minimal investment, emphasizing the health and wellness of your tenants—through measures like green space and biophilic design—will attract top talent and boost your bottom line.

Happier, healthier tenants and green office design, in turn, will boost your property’s ESG (environmental, social, and governance) score, which is the “top issue” for investors, according to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink. Plus, vertical farms are proven to increase property value and build a sense of community in a neighborhood. What connections will you make when sharing your farm’s produce? There is no limit to what you can grow.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. These are the criteria conscientious investors look at when determining whether a company operates in a way they want to support. Younger investors are increasingly interested in putting their money in companies that align with their values.

Environmental standards determine how a company impacts the natural world. Social standards have to do with a company’s relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers. Governance standards refer to how the company is run at the executive level. Taken together, ESG standards represent a holistic measure of how sustainable a company is.

An easy way to up your office building’s ESG score? A vertical farm. Copiana’s aeroponic towers are the most sustainable way to grow greens and herbs. They don’t need soil and, because the tower pump reuses water, our farms use 90 percent less water than traditional farming. They also provide a natural place for people to take a break and get to know one another, encouraging better social relationships among tenants.

What is biophilic design?

Biophilic design (meaning love of nature) helps humans align more closely with nature. This revolutionary approach to building design focuses on human well-being and emphasizes outdoor areas. Access to natural spaces reduces stress and improves people’s moods—even helping patients recover faster from surgery. In an urban area though, outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean green. And bringing nature indoors can be even more challenging.

One way to ensure all tenants have daily access to nature is through building integrated agriculture. Japanese staffing company Pasona is leading the industry in this regard, replacing office space partitions with vertical farm installations that then supply the office cafeteria.

If you’re interested in integrating greenery with your office design, our tower farms can go just about anywhere, indoor or outdoor, lobby or patio. Our team will consider light, temperature, and available space when determining the best place for a tower farm on your property.

What is Copiana?

Copiana brings aeroponic tower farms to commercial spaces. We are working to build healthier communities by reconnecting urban tenants to where their food comes from. We began introducing our aeroponic towers to commercial properties in 2018, and we have seen the benefit that a fresh, local source of produce has on urban environments.

Our vertical farms are a unique amenity for any property manager in Atlanta. We make farming realistic for any business, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Our team will develop, maintain, harvest, and manage the farm—and host monthly harvest events. Each harvest becomes a wellness event for your tenants. Think of it as an on-site, tower-to-table farmers market that you don’t have to coordinate. Talk about a value add!

While a traditional farm or garden may not be feasible for your property, Copiana makes incorporating an aeroponic farm easy and maintenance-free. Our space-saving farms can grow indoors or outdoors, year-round. The plants we grow don’t undergo any of the stressors of traditional farming (weather, pests, disease), which means our produce reaches its full nutritional potential.

Ready to grow the value of your office complex with flexible green space and fresh produce? Contact us today for a customized aeroponic farm solution that will engage and nourish your tenant community.

Bring A Farm To Your Commercial Property

Bring vertical farms to your community with seamless harvest events, expert maintenance, and nutrient-rich foods.

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