Ready for a Job that Actually Makes a Difference?
Sure, it sounds cliché… but when you “Join up” with Copiana, you’re joining a team of dedicated folks who cultivate happiness, abundance, and natural beauty for people and organizations that really need it. Not a bad way to spend a day, huh? That comes first… we make lives better and get right down to business when it comes to modern urban food production. We’re serious about that stuff. So let’s talk about getting you a job that matters… and (hopefully) improving your perspective on “work” entirely. (in a good way) We’ve got the company and the tech. We need your help to keep the wheels rollin’, the local-food movement growin’. Ready to hop on board?



Enthusiastic and Motivated Doers who know how to take a day’s work and turn it into a day’s fun. Local-Food Lovers who are ready to put their time and energy where their values are. – Let’s create more abundance for Atlanta, together. Green-Thumbed Produce Whisperers who are ready to see clients’ faces light up when urban farming finally becomes a reality for them. You! - If you’re still reading… and you like what you see, we need to talk!


  1. Work in a Unique, Dynamic, and Interesting work environment.
  2. Truly change lives, and make the world more abundant.
  3. Put your career where your values are. (It’s about time, right?)
  4. Competitive Wages (But not like…pro sports competitive or anything like that.)
  5. Medical (But you’ll probably be so healthy from the veggies that you’ll only need check-ups.)
  6. Dental (You’re gonna need teeth to chew all those heirloom crops too.)
  7. 401k (Retire before age 85.)
  8. Life (Insurance that is… but you’ll probably feel more energized too.)
  9. Possible Hawaiian Shirt Day (We’re still hashing out the details…)