Copiana’s Vertical Farms are uniquely eligible to meet various points and preconditions for your property’s WELL certification. If you’re interested in learning about claiming these points or in getting a farm on your property, contact us below to request more info.

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WELL preconditions that Copiana may be able to help your property meet:

Mind | Access to Nature

Support occupant well-being by incorporating the natural environment through interior and exterior design.

Nourishment | Fruits and Vegetables 

Promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables by making fruits and vegetables easily accessible.

Copiana and WELL Webinar

Copiana recently hosted a webinar outlining our partnership with the WELL Institute and how clients can claim points for their farm towers in the most challenging category: Nourishment.

Check out the full webinar here.


WELL points Copiana might be eligible for:

Mind | Restorative Spaces

Support access to spaces that promote restoration and relief from mental fatigue or stress.
1 point

Mind | Enhanced Access to Nature

Support access to nature beyond M02: Access to Nature by further incorporating nature through interior and exterior design, nature views and access to nearby nature.
1 point

Nourishment | Food Advertising

Encourage the selection and consumption of healthier food choices through strategic placement and advertising.
2 points

Nourishment | Nutrition Education

Improve dietary habits and eating behaviors and increase nutritional knowledge.
1 point

Nourishment | Mindful Eating

Encourage mindful eating behaviors and communal dining opportunities.
2 points

Nourishment | Food Production

Improve access to fresh produce and provide opportunities for on-site food production.
2 points

Nourishment | Local Food Environment

Support healthy food access and reduce environmental barriers to healthy eating.
1 point

If you're interested in installing a farm on your commercial property or in learning about claiming WELL points with Copiana, please contact us here: