A New Take on the Victory Garden: Apartment Complex Edition

Written By Jackie Greene

Vice President of Business Development

A New Take on the Victory Garden: Apartment Complex Edition

Grow tenant engagement with this next-level amenity.

With all the rental options in Atlanta, and no shortage of quality properties to choose from, how can your apartment complex stand out? Discerning tenants are looking for complexes that offer wellness amenities and a thriving community.

The New Take on the Victory Garden4

You need a unique commercial amenity that brings people together and starts conversations. Most tenants, and millennials especially, are willing to pay more to live in a sustainable community with green features. U.S. metropolitan areas lose roughly 36 million trees every year, so prioritizing greenery in city residences is necessary to bring the health benefits of nature back to urban communities. 

That’s where Copiana comes in. We’re reinventing the Victory Garden to make modern urban farming achievable for any space. Even your apartment complex.


Why Victory Gardens?

When the U.S. entered World War II, many farmers and food transportation workers joined the Armed Forces. As a result, far fewer fruits and vegetables could be harvested and brought to market. So, the government encouraged its citizens to supply their own produce by planting “Victory Gardens” in their communities. Even those in urban areas took up the call, planting gardens in backyards, public parks, empty lots, and on rooftops.

America experienced another national food shortage last spring. The pandemic showed us how fragile our global food supply chain is. Shipping fruits and vegetables many thousands of miles all over the world is not reliable or sustainable. It creates food and emission waste, and the food that does make it to the supermarket loses much of its nutritional value during the journey.

Urban farming, on the other hand, produces hyper-local, hyper-nutritious fruits and vegetables for communities that often go undernourished. At Copiana, we want to bring back community-based farming for places—like apartment complexes—with no space for a traditional farm.

What is Copiana?

Copiana brings aeroponic tower farms to commercial spaces. We make farming realistic for any business, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Our space-saving aeroponic tower farms can grow indoors or outdoors, year-round, and use 90 percent less water than traditional farming. Weather, pests, and temperature extremes are a non-issue, which means our produce reaches its full nutritional potential. 

Our tower farms are attention-grabbers that encourage social interaction among residents. Neighbors who might ordinarily walk right by each other have the opportunity to connect over the importance of fresh produce and the fun of the growing process. Your tenants will get to know you as more than a rent-collector. Our tower farms help build relationships that attract reliable, long-term tenants and add tangible value to your property.

Andrew Tsui, co-founder of China-based urban farming initiative Rooftop Republic, says a farm can fundamentally change a building’s dynamic:

“We’ve had cases where people have been working on the same floor for years, but they’ve never spoken to each other as work is so busy. Communities need this kind of relational space.”


Where will the Copiana tower farms go?

The short answer? Just about anywhere. 

A Copiana consultant will inspect your space and tailor a vertical farming system that meets your needs. We typically install the towers outside during warmer months and move them indoors during the winter, so they produce at a regular rate year-round.

Our team of expert vertical farmers will install, maintain, harvest, and re-plant your towers. Your property can grow its own fresh produce without any extra work on the part of the property manager—talk about a value add! 

Since vertically farmed produce can mature more quickly than traditional produce, we also plan and host monthly harvest events. This is where the real magic happens.

What are harvest events?

Our harvest events are what sets Copiana apart from any other amenity. About once a month, the vegetables and greens in your towers will reach maturity. Our team turns each harvest into a wellness event for your tenants. 

This additional monthly programming is a huge value add. Think of it as an on-site, tower-to-table farmers market. Your tenants will get to know each other and share recipes, building an active and engaged community. Our clients love it! They can take home produce they’ve watched grow from a seedling, and the fresh taste us unbeatable.

Ready to explore what competitive advantages Copiana can provide your apartment complex? Reach out today for a customized aeroponic solution that will grow your property’s potential and turn your complex into a community.

Bring A Farm To Your Commercial Property

Bring vertical farms to your community with seamless harvest events, expert maintenance, and nutrient-rich foods.

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