Welcome to Copiana

Written By Erin McCutcheon


Welcome to Copiana

Welcome to Copiana

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that vertical farms have been installed where you live, work, or shop!  If your property management team has installed Copiana’s Vertical Farms on your property, it’s probably a part of your wellness program. These vertical farms will grow edible produce and be harvested every month for you to enjoy, compliments of property management.

Your vertical farms aren’t just living produce shelves, they are on your property to create relaxing and biophilic greenspace! Check out our “About Aeroponic Farming” section below to learn how your property management team is working to save the planet and meet your needs.

About Your Vertical Farms

When Is It Ready to Eat?

Approximately every four weeks, our Copiana team hosts a complimentary harvest with your freshly picked produce. Property management will send out a flyer to let you know the harvest is coming.  Scan the barcode on your flyer to get notifications straight to your inbox!


What if I Can’t Take it Home Right Away?

Your produce will last at your desk all day until you’re ready to take it home. Then, when you get home, place your produce in a glass of water and pop it into the fridge until you’re ready to eat it.

Should I Pick the Produce?

Leave that to us! Our farmers come to pick it when it’s just right, and maintain your towers all month to ensure it tastes the very best it can! So make sure you grab a place in line early to claim that lettuce you’ve been eyeing.

BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag!

Stash a bag in your office drawer for harvest days, and, depending on demand, we might give you an extra piece of produce!


About Aeroponic Farming

Would you rather watch than read? Check out our video.

What is Aeroponic Farming?

Aeroponics is a type of system that our farm towers use to grow our crops. The plants are suspended in the air, and water is delivered through a misting system. Generally, in an aeroponic system, you end up recycling the water you're using.

What do Vertical Farms Grow?

While our system looks untraditional, we can still grow all the traditional crops you’re accustomed to seeing. Anything that's above the ground, we can grow here at Copiana.  Three of our main categories are lettuce, hearty greens such as collards and kale, and herbs like mint and lavender. In the summer, we also like to make it fun and do stuff like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers."


How Long is a Crop Growth Cycle?

At Copiana, we do everything from seed to finished crop. It takes about four weeks for our seeds to germinate and grow to the right size for your tower. Then, once we've transplanted into your tower, it takes about four more weeks until we're ready for your harvest event. That’s half the time of a traditional farm! Harvests take place every four or five weeks!


What are the Environmental Advantages of Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming uses less land.

One of our favorite things about these systems is how sustainable they are. Using these towers, we can grow produce using 90% less water and 90% less space than traditional farming practices. A study from the University of Mississippi showed a 30% increase in crop yield over eight crops using the tower farm system, including kale and basil, which we grow in the greenhouse. Our most significant advantage is the speed at which I'm able to produce crops. Vertical farming also requires minimal power. The water pump only has to run about an hour intermittently throughout the day. So when we put a farm on your property, we're not a huge power draw.


What is Copiana?

Copiana brings aeroponic tower farms to commercial spaces. We are working to build healthier communities by reconnecting urban tenants to where their food is sourced. We began introducing our aeroponic towers to commercial properties in 2018, and we have seen the benefit that a fresh, local source of produce has on urban environments.

Our team develops, maintains, harvests, and manages your farm—and hosts monthly harvest events. Each harvest becomes a wellness event. Think of it as an on-site, tower-to-table farmers market that you don’t have to coordinate.

While a traditional farm or garden may not be feasible, Copiana makes incorporating an aeroponic farm easy and maintenance-free. Our space-saving farms can grow indoors or outdoors year-round. The plants we grow don’t undergo any of the stressors of traditional farming (weather, pests, disease), which means our produce reaches its full nutritional potential.

Bring A Farm To Your Commercial Property

Bring vertical farms to your community with seamless harvest events, expert maintenance, and nutrient-rich foods.

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