Unique Commercial Amenities

Written By Erin McCutcheon


Unique Commercial Amenities

Unique Commercial Amenities: Copiana

Just when it seems Atlanta can't get any bigger...it does. New businesses, new rental properties, new restaurants, and constant events--with everything vying for your customers' and clients' attention, how will your property stand out? Copiana can help.

What is Copiana? So glad you asked. Copiana is here to make farming realistic for any business, without putting any of the workload on our clients. A Copiana consultant will inspect your space and tailor a vertical farm system perfect for your needs. We bring our space-saving and efficient (our technology reduces water use by 90%) aeroponic towers to you and install everything ourselves. We maintain, harvest, and replant your towers, providing your property with fresh produce and an attention-grabbing value add. It's that easy!

So how does working with Copiana help our partners to attract new clients, improve employee satisfaction, and stand out in the Atlanta marketplace? Let's break it down.

Employee and Tenant Benefits

Partnering with Copiana brings life and growth into the center of your properties. Bringing plants and vegetables into your common spaces will attract talented new hires and community-minded tenants. A greener, fresher workplace also keeps employees and tenants more engaged in your community. Our current partners report that their occupants are happier and their employees are more productive. A healthy lifestyle supports a healthy workplace, and vice versa!

Copiana is here to help you build an experience in your space, rather than simply providing a place to work. An inspiring and nurturing environment makes all the difference to talented workers and team players. Our installations provide a talking point and a meeting place for creative problem solving. They act as "icebreakers" so that teams can get to know one another, and can push past social barriers of pride and independence to a place of meaningful collaboration. Grassroots leadership never looked so, well, green.

Our installations are a place of common ground between tenants and property managers, too. When your tenants get to know you as more than their rent collector, when you build relationships, build a community--that's when you make magic.

Community Enrichment

Being a part of the local food production chain doesn't just benefit those that live and work in your property. Make your business a leader in your local community by offering engagement, enrichment, and tangible value. Whether your property hosts a single tower or a profitable aeroponic farm, Copiana installations attract attention from your neighbors and business partners.

Featuring plant life in your common spaces encourages social interaction among more people in your community. Neighbors or coworkers that might normally walk right by each other have the opportunity to connect over the importance of fresh produce and the fun of the growing process.

Partnering with Copiana also increases your programming without any extra work for you. When the vegetables and greens in your towers have reached maturity, we'll host a harvest market in your space. And, due to our aeroponic technology and controlled environment, our towers grow food all year long--even in winter! This dependability allows us to plan harvest markets once a month to provide locally grown, gorgeous produce on-site at your property. The harvest markets are a huge value add for your tenants, employees, and the surrounding community.Our partners love it! The produce you take home is the produce you've watched grow from a seedling, and the fresh taste is unbeatable.

Client Selling Points

What all these benefits add up to is a competitive advantage that sets your property apart from everyone else and brings you more business and happier clients. With no shortage of quality properties to choose from, clients are looking for special amenities that no other property has. Copiana provides that extra value to your clients, with no extra effort on your part. Aside from providing a nurturing environment and a fresh food source, Copiana offers community focused programming with our harvest markets and wellness events.

With expectations for office spaces changing daily, let Copiana help you reimagine your space and offer something fresh and exciting to your clients: food, fun, and community. Find out how you can join the Copiana family here, and start growing your potential today!

Bring A Farm To Your Commercial Property

Bring vertical farms to your community with seamless harvest events, expert maintenance, and nutrient-rich foods.

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