4 Copiana Events To Consider For Your Property’s Farm Harvest

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4 Copiana Events To Consider For Your Property’s Farm Harvest

There is such variety and bounty in fall produce—no wonder it's our favorite time of year here at Copiana. In fall especially, the harvest is sure to be the most exciting event on your property. Fresh, nutritious, just-picked produce is available on-site at no cost to your tenants and with no upfront capital investment! One of the best parts of being a Copiana client is the monthly harvest of your farm.

We know coming up with fun, meaningful events can be challenging. Everyone is dealing with uncertainty and isolation right now. It can feel like it's all up to you to make sure your tenants feel connected, involved, and—most importantly—safe. To help ease that burden, we put on harvest events each month as a way to provide safe, engagement-boosting activities for tenants without taxing property manager. Here are four of our favorite harvest events to host for fall—this is one bandwagon you'll want to hop on.


Thanksgiving Herb Harvest

The secret to a truly epic Thanksgiving meal? Seasoning, specifically, lots of fresh herbs. The tried-and-true, ancient blend of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme is the star player here. Roast them in your turkey, mix them with your stuffing, and try a sprinkling in your mashed potatoes. The savory blend will act as an autumnal motif throughout each course—in other words; it will tie the meal together.

Tenants will take home bundles of fresh fall herbs ready to be incorporated into Thanksgiving feasts, large or small.


Mint Hot-Chocolate Party

Nothing brings people together better than a piping cup of hot cocoa! Have a mint hot chocolate party at a late-autumn harvest: you bring the hot chocolate, we'll grow and harvest the mint. We'll top individually prepared hot chocolate cups with sprigs of fresh mint and hand them out to your tenants or customers. It's a safe, delicious way to spread some holiday cheer around your property.


Meal Prep Magic

Does your campus have an on-site chef? We can partner with them on a meal prep demonstration, providing the fresh herbs and greens to take your tenants' meals from boring to brilliant! Whether virtually or in person, your tenants are sure to enjoy some new tips to spice up their at-home cooking.


Happy Hour

Take cocktail craft to the next level with a harvest of fresh Copiana herbs from your towers. Set up a cocktail demo, either in person or virtually, and we can demonstrate some of our favorite herb and spirit pairings. You'll be amazed by the depth mint, sage, basil, and rosemary can add to your favorite drinks. Your tenants will be master mixologists in no time!


There's no limit to the engaging and safe events you can hold around a Copiana tower harvest. And the best part? Our expert team does all the farming, maintenance, and harvest work for you! Each month, your towers produce a beautiful harvest of fresh produce for your tenants and customers with no upfront capital cost.

Are you interested in setting up a Copiana farm on your site? Contact us today.

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